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23 August 2022

Artscape forms part of an international European project called the Dream Up! Drum Up! Project with our partners Samba Résille from Toulouse France, and Barefeet Theatre from Zambia. This project is funded by the European Union Erasmus +.

It’s been in full swing since March 2022 preceded by former projects such as the Cultural construction of youth and young construction of culture project which commenced in 2018 equally with the aforementioned partners too. 

The third leg of the current project will see the groups meet at Artscape from the 2 to 11 of September 2022.

The focus centres on the project’s community outreach programmes of which the first were held in Wellington incorporating the town’s community music programme, which resulted in the establishment of the Pacific Brass Band. Their members represented Artscape and the Drakenstein Municipality very proudly at the first leg of the project in March 2022 held in Zambia hosted by Barefeet Theatre. Thus the third leg includes among others a continuation of the process of the collaboration the 10-piece Pacific Brass Band, Batakuda of Samba Résille and Barefeet Theatre incorporating original musical compositions. Four Artscape employees also forms part of the cultural exchange.

In the second leg of the project, which was held from the 26th of June to – the 10th of July 2022 in Toulouse, France the participants of the three organizations continued to share the objectives of the project by transferring skills, and ideas. The organisations met with the Toulouse mayor, and participated in the 30th Anniversary celebrations of Samba Résille as well as a dialogue at the University of Jean Jaures inclusive of artistic performances among others.

During the legs of the project several workshops are held too focusing on

  • artistic -, and managerial skills
  •  increasing the analytic capacities of what young people’s needs would be in this regard.
  • Develop the quality and the internationalization of the partners in order to increase their knowledge and expertise in the distinction of opportunities for European and international learning mobility for young people and youth workers.
  • Increase the involvement of the authorities, decision-makers, and youth non-governmental organizations, locally and nationally, and within the African -, and European diaspora.

The ultimate objective is designed to provide answers that allow musicians and cultural operators, the project’s target audience, supported by exceptional measures, to find their way back to cultural entrepreneurship, a space for resilience, a transformation of practices and imaginations for a better tomorrow, by accompanying them in the development of their power and know-how.


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In 2018 the partnership project funded by the Erasmus + Fund of the European Commission, and led by the organization Samba Résille (France), was launched together with the cultural organizations Enjoy (Italy), Suba Attila (Hungary), and the cultural institution Artscape (South Africa) as well as incorporating the Barefoot Theatre Company in Zambia.

The outcomes of the two projects Cultural Diversity in Urban Spaces and Cultural Construction of Youth and young construction of culture in 2019 necessitated Samba Résille’s management to apply for funding at the European Union – Erasmus + to explore the next phase of international good practices and cultural exchanges.

In 2020, the organization Samba Résille was successful in applying for two projects of which Artscape has been nominated to be a partner. The project was stymied due to two years of lockdown it is up and running and is going full steam ahead this year.

The first project as elucidate in the main body of the media release, is called Dream Up! Drum Up! Is led by the organization Samba Résille (France), with partners on the project Barefeet Theatre (Zambia), and Artscape (South Africa).

The second project which is called The Musicprenuer project kicked off its first leg in Toulouse, France with host Samba Résille from the 10th of June to the 17th of June 2022. The partner organizations are, A Bunda (Sweden), MET X (Belgium), and Artscape.. Artscape made a call out to emerging artists that form part of our Resource Centre database and thus a diverse group of artists of different genres are inclusive.