From 20th to 25th October 2018, delegations from Samba Résille, Artscape Theatre Centre and Soul Fool Band meet for the second time in Torino, Italy, joining their Italian partner Enjoy, as part of an international Urban Space programme. The programme is aimed at developing and exploring the international dynamics of creative exchanges and increasing skills of transnational cooperation in learning, related to the priority of securing public spaces.

Funded by The European Commission, the exchange is coordinated by Samba Résille (France), who visited South Africa, at Artscape Theatre Centre in May this year.

The mobility in October 2018, will allow the participants to learn how to reconcile and deal with the emotional safety of learners, and the material safety of creative spaces. With Enjoy, the delegations will share animation methods, leaning on cooperative learnings and shared knowledge. The sharing of tools within the modules will help the participants build a new communicational approach in the management and organisation of festive rituals in urban space. This mobility allows international organisations to compare regulatory frameworks of safety in public spaces during cultural events, in each local and national context. The partners will share their ways of organising and their relation with the authorities and the stakeholders involved in cultural events.

The Artscape Thetre Centre Delegates, pictured with Artscape CEO, Marlene Le Roux