Six clean audits in a row! That is what Artscape Theatre Centre can now boast as per the official findings of its financial management by South Africa’s Auditor-General, Kimi Makwetu.

The Clean Audit findings by Makwetu cover the financial statements of Artscape as an agency of the Department of Arts and Culture, as at 31 March 2018 just released to Parliament as required.

Makwetu in his opinion to Parliament stated that he had found the Cultural Institution’s financial performance to be in accordance with all laws covering financial management including the Public Finance Management Act (PMFA).

Artscape’s CEO Marlene le Roux is delighted: “Our President, in his State of the Nation address, reminded us of the importance of running a clean administration. He also reiterated his intention to root out corruption. Artscape is not immune to these challenges and it is important that we manage our business properly to ensure consistent clean audits. As a State entity funded by the tax payer it is imperative that we act with fiduciary responsibility thus boosting the confidence not only of our patrons but our stakeholders too”, adds Le Roux. She dedicated the award to all Artscape employees describing herself as merely “conductor of this incredible orchestra called Artscape”, and, while lauding the main players i.e. the Artscape staff for “hitting the right notes all the time” she urged everyone to “continue to play in harmony and produce the right outcomes.”

Last year Auditor-General Makwetu handed Artscape Theatre Centre its clean audit trophy at the Audit Excellence Awards held at its Century City, Cape Town offices. A sixth clean audit in a row enables the Theatre to permanently display the trophy at its institution

The roving trophy awarded by the Auditor-General for the past few years