Press Release                                                                                            08 March 2022

Come experience the poetry of Adam Small at Artscape from the 16 March as we celebrate his legacy as a poet and struggle icon for human rights through his works and deeds in the production Die Poet: Wie’s Hy.  under the leadership of Frieda van den Heever, and interpreted by Dean Balie and the Khoisan Gypsy Band, it is based on the works of Small.


Adam Small did not stand in the service of politics or any social beliefs. His faith lay with his conscience. His language created an atmosphere, a remarkable presence and bears the full fate and destiny of the people who speak it. Who is the poet who still helps us to acknowledge our origins, to recognise ourselves in each other and explore our future together?

As a young intellectual Small strongly advocated the use of one’s voice. It was this medium which he used to denounce various human rights abuses under the Apartheid government, notably his own play, Kanna Hy Kô Hystoe which premiered at the then Nico Malan (now Artscape) in 1974 from which he was barred based on the colour of his skin.  This he did using various public platforms such as newspaper columns, open letters, his poems, plays, essays, including public speaking. This production presented in conjunction with Toyota Woordfees and NATi, has won five KykNet Fiesta 2021 awards including Best New Text, Translation or Rework based on its roaring successes at both the Suidoosterfees and the Woordfees.

Equally as part of Human Rights Day events the Manfred Zylla Rural Outreach Exhibition will showcase the works of this legendary anti-apartheid activist, in various genres from classical Western, to African indigenous, as well well-known personalities that reflect Artscape’s rural outreach programme. This programme, which annually identifies a historically disadvantaged community within the urban boundaries of rural areas to “take the theatre to the community”, affirms the right of everyone to enjoy, participate in and have access to artisticcultural, heritage and linguistic rights as per the Constitution. The works will be on display in the Marble Foyer Extension from 16th March to the 21st of April.

Says Artscape CEO Marlene le Roux: “Throughout history and in particular South African history, the arts has always played a pivotal role to highlight, conscientise and expose human rights violations whether they were Apartheid inspired, gender based violence or deprivation of socio-economic liberties. As a cultural institution we pride ourselves on giving artists a platform throughout the years to continue focusing on these pertinent issues

All activities comply with all COVID-19 regulations including social distancing and patrons must wear masks for entry.

Tickets are available and can be booked at Computicket or Artscape Dial-a-seat 021 421 7695. Visit the Artscape website ( for more information.

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