Back from Ivory Coast last month, the Zip Zap performers will dazzle you in a free lunch-hour concert happening in the Chandelier Foyer at Artscape Theatre Centre on Tuesday 12 March 2019 at 1pm. Look forward to internationally acclaimed acts by talented Zip Zappers who will have you on the edge of your seat no matter your age.

The concert will feature elements from Zip Zap Circus collection of oddities and daredevil acts, including; circus techniques, cyr wheel, juggling, acrobatics, movement and physical theatre.

The performance fits perfectly into a lunch hour, lasting all of 45 minutes. So bring your lunch, enjoy it with a cup of complimentary tea or coffee, and we’ll have you back at your place of work with a smile on your dial and refreshed for the desk.

The lunch hour concerts remain integral to Artscape’s ethos as an inclusive cultural centre for all, showcasing all arts genres. It forms part of Artscape’s commitment to its adjacent communities by making sure they have a fulfilling lunchtime experience.

Equally it offers a platform of collaboration with all the arts companies housed at the Theatre Centre viz., Cape Town Opera, Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, Jazzart, Unmute, Cape Town City Ballet and Zip Zap Circus, to showcase their wares free of charge to the public, on a quarterly basis.

There are limited seats available, so get there early to grab the best ones!