This year Artscape has really gone the proverbial extra mile to give Youth month the credence it deserves. After all, it was Desmond Tutu who reminds us: “When we see the face of a child, we think of the future. We think of their dreams about what they might become, and what they might accomplish.”
With this in mind Artscape is proud to host some very exciting and innovative programmes during the month of June to celebrate, support and develop our youth: Here are some of the events to look forward to:
On 2 June, in the theatre, “Imagine! Family Magic Spectacular” features South Africa’s top children’s entertainers in a world filled with incredible illusions, fantasy and dazzling magic. “Imagine! Family Magic Spectacular” is for the young and the young at heart as hilarious antics and fun-filled fantasy is the order of the day for the whole family. You’ll be whisked away to a land of make-believe-come-true…
Then, on 3 June, also in the theatre, there is “Abakhulu”: from the voices of the youth, this dance work explores the beauty and cruelty of cultural traditions imposed by those with authority.
From 7 to 9 June the theatre, produced by The Dance Project and Triple C comes the eighth production of “Cape Town’s Most Wanted”: a stunning platform for the best of Cape Town’s Hip Hop dance crews, dancers and choreographers.

“The Artscape Youth Comedy Festival” is a Stand Up Comedy show that’s sure to have you laughing your socks off, featuring four of the funniest local Young Comedians, from up and coming to professional. Catch them in the Artscape Arena from 14 to 15 June.

Following that is the “Youth Jazz Festival” that this year will focus on the continuous skills development within the genre of jazz, to foster the investment of cultural democratization of our country. Musical Director, Amanda Tiffin (also on vocals) will be leading a group of jazz musicians to act as mentors for these youths and will work very closely with them over a ten-week period. The evening’s programme will consist of 100% South African Jazz on 15 June in the Theatre.

Artscape again celebrates the talent of young musicians as well as the success of their band leaders within their respective communities with a showcase called “Band Stand”. The aim of “Band Stand” is to showcase their commitment to music literacy and developing young musicians within the fields of brass and woodwinds. Catch this must-see production on Youth day, 16 June 2018 in the theatre.
Also on 16 June, the exciting “Ayatshiis’amateki Mapantsula Competition” is in the Artscape Arena. The competition aims at providing a platform and to showcase the talent in Isipantsula Dance genre in the Western Cape Province. And if you want to know more about youth health matters, make a turn in the Chandelier Foyer at Artscape on 16 June for the “Youth Health Seminar”.

Or, if Afrikaans is more your thing, feel free to join us for “Afrikaans Sing! In Jeugstemme.” The SBA’s (Stigting vir die bemagtiging deur Afrikaans) unique contribution to the 2018 Youth Day Celebrations will be presented in the form of a choral event, interspersed with other indigenous South African languages to expose the youth’s voices on stage in celebration of Youth Day. This will be in the theatre on 17 June.
On 19 June is the much anticipated “Art Career Expo”: a programme designed to support artists who wish to pursue their studies formally within the creative sectors, focusing on Arts Administration Skills, Stage Technical Skills, Production Management Skills and Creative/Artistic Skills on 19 June in the Marble Foyer at Artscape.

From 20 to 23 June the Arena will host “Cut in Two”. This one-man show tells the story of a family of three, dealing with internal as well as external social struggles impacting and increasing the pressures on the household dynamics including the life of the young child, each finding their way of breaking free from these adversities. “Cut in Two” has a Cape Town narrative, performed by Justin Hagen, portraying four characters, directed by Soli Philander.
The month will end with “Alunamda”, a play that is told through music, acting and movements. It speaks about the endurance of long lasting relationship but at the end love prevails. The play is in IsiXhosa and English with an age restriction of twelve years. “Alunamda” runs from 27 to 30 June in the Arena.

But wait, there is slightly more…youth month might end in June but the programme continues into July with “Born Frees”: a production through the medium of dance, exploring the freedom the Youth born after the dawn of our democracy in 1994. The piece looks at what it means to dream and hope and to transform those dreams and hopes to reality. This can be seen on 5 July in the theatre.

So, if you’re still uncertain how to REALLY celebrate our youth, come to Artscape Theatre Centre and join the conversations, see the talent and support our youth in their endeavours to contribute positively to the growth of our nation.