What’s happening at Artscape in May 2022!

It’s an eclectic mix of productions this May at Artscape with South Africa’s favourite puppet Chester Missing, the life of visual artist Irma Stern under the spotlight, Gospel sounds to soothe the soul, the launch of the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra’s Wind Ensemble, some spellbinding College of Magic action, while the isiXhosa drama Buzani kubawo returns as a Grade 12 Setwork production. All this and more at the theatre of choice.

The month of May equally heralds International Workers’ Day on 1 May that seeks to celebrate the gains of better working conditions for workers. Recently South Africa has just celebrated the anniversary of the first democratic elections on 27 April 1994 that gave birth to our constitutional democracy to mark the country’s transition from the oppressive apartheid regime to a free democratic country. In the spirit of that month, national government has called on South Africans (and all those who live in it) to come together as one nation to rebuild our country from the devastating effects of the virus.

The building that houses Artscape recently celebrated its Golden Jubilee year where we too celebrated the “freedom gains” from democracy as opposed to the exclusivity of the Arts prior that excluded the largest section of the population. Within the new dispensation we have transformed to tell our stories on the very stages that were denied us when it first opened its doors. The building now represents that freedom of inclusivity of all irrespective of race, gender, creed, culture or ethnicity, while it boasts some of the most inclusive features for persons with disabilities too.

We value your continued patronage as we continue this journey towards a heightened sense of freedom and the commensurate constitutional values.  We remain excited as we slowly but surely head back to some form of normalcy after two years of restrictive lockdown regulations and hope to see you at the theatre as often as what you possible can.  Do continue to peruse our website or social media pages @ArtscapeTheatre for announcements of more exciting productions and events.

Marlene le Roux