The first democratic elections on 27 April 1994 heralded the birth to our constitutional democracy. This new found freedom inspired a month of remembering and celebration.

This year the theme for the month of celebration transpires under the banner of “Consolidate our Democratic Gains”. This will mark the transition from the oppressive apartheid regime to a free democratic country. In the spirit of the month, national government has called on all South Africans (and all those who live in it) to come together as one nation to rebuild our country from the devastation left behind from the virus.

Furthermore government has called on everyone to use Freedom Month and Freedom Day celebrations to unify and “pull” together.

The home of Artscape recently celebrated its Golden Jubilee year during which we too celebrated the “freedom gains” of democracy. The arts historically was enjoyed by an exclusive group and excluded the largest segment of the population. In the new dispensation we are transformed to tell our stories on the very stages that were once denied. This building now represents that freedom and inclusivity of all races, gender, creed, culture and ethnicity while it boasts some of the most inclusive features for persons with disabilities. Artscape also represents the evolution of a species, the struggles of stalwarts, the wherewithal of those who assisted in bringing us to this point of our history. We honour icons such as Krotoa, Alex la Guma, Ma Albertina Sisulu, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, Archbishop Tutu, “Tata Madiba” and many more through a host of inclusive productions on offer. The inclusivity evident and projected through the multitude of genres on offer once excluded, such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Drag shows, Indian classical. Throughout the year we celebrate mindful events that has been instrumental in leading us to this point of freedom such as our Women’s Humanity Arts Festival, Youth month productions, and Heritage Festival among others. All these productions are staged alongside what is known as Western art forms like the ballet, opera and classical music to reflect the unity or “pulling together” in the Arts as a conduit not only for artistic pleasure but also towards nation building.

We value your continued patronage as we continue this journey towards a heightened sense of freedom and to commensurate constitutional values.  We remain excited as we slowly but surely head back to some form of normalcy after two years of restrictive lockdown regulations and hope to see you at the theatre as often as possible.

Do continue to peruse our website or social media pages @ArtscapeTheatre for announcements and updates of more exciting productions and events.

Happy Freedom Day and may we all “pull together” in unity.


Marlene le Roux