MEMORY IS A WEAPON is an upcoming theatre production with a Hip Hop flare, coming to the Arena Theatre at Artscape on July 2 and 3.

This is a story about three young artists who feel trapped in what seems like a vibratory prison, but is in actual fact, life on the Cape Flats. At home, they are faced with generational struggles. Out in the world, their dreams are much bigger.

However, each artist grapples with limitations and oppression – a major threat that inhibits them to live up to their full potential and discover a much deeper purpose. A community such as theirs comes with constant challenges. It takes some sort of mental combat for the artists to stay focused and optimistic.

MEMORY IS A WEAPON showcases each artist as a hero – with capes so powerful that any obstacle becomes one less villain in their minds. As long as they do not fall into the trap of forgetting their purpose, the artists will find their dreams – their inner calling. Monishia Schoeman is the producer, director and writer of MEMORY IS A WEAPON, as well as a cast member.

Other cast members include Evangeline Pharo, Chavonne Roberts and Nathan Lodewyk. The project has been in conception for approximately 10 years, as Schoeman went back and forth, developing the ideas around it. She finally managed to produce a script towards the middle of 2020. The incorporation of Hip Hop highlights knowledge of self aspects, such as creative and cultural identity. MEMORY IS A WEAPON awakens underlying themes; those of resilience and discovering one’s personal and social identity collectively and independently. The intention is to develop the production into a product that can be taken into schools accompanied by a workshop which uses creative skills to bring about further messages of upliftment, possibility and understanding.

MEMORY IS A WEAPON hopes to dismantle the stereotypes of people from these fringe communities – those who are always painted as criminals, instead of complex and beautiful. Schoeman aims to have the production showcased nationally and internationally at various theatre festivals. She would like to help spread an alternative narrative about people, pride and life on the Cape Flats. Ticket sales will open in the third week of June via Computicket.

*For more information, contact Monishia Schoeman via email: monishia.schoeman@gmail.com