New musical to help uplift communities

Im Media House is proud to announce their first in-house production, The Octaves, to be showcased at Artscape from October 14 to 23. The writing team, headed by Daniel Mpilo Richards, teams up with Imaan Anders to bring the story to life. Anders wrote this story in 2014, initially for television  but has since decided to transform it for the theatre.

The Octaves, is a piece of musical theatre set in a time where many people have access to social media and where those platforms decide what is right or wrong. It explores issues such as who gets persecuted for being rapists or gay or even wealthy. It follows a group of students, full of life and endless opportunities struggling to speak their first language: music, due to family restrictions, personal issues. The only place the students really feel safe is in their music room, a place to let go and perform their fears away.

The aim is to use this production as an upliftment programme for the boy sitting on the street corner with an obsession for fiddling with street cables because he loves lighting or the young girl who sings in the mirror every day with a hairbrush in her hand because she envisions herself onstage, singing to an audience but lacks the resources to do so or get there.

Says Anders: “My thinking started to change and motivated me to do this now more than ever as it meant I could give back or assist someone who really needs the help to make their dreams come true It gives me great joy to know that I could change someone’s life or situation so I’m appealing to you to come on board and assist me in whichever way possible, either financially or even with products that would suit the production.”

We have just completed our auditions and we have an amazing team of hungry students who will be attending our workshop that will run four days a week from the August 2 to September 6 at Artscape.

For more information contact Imaan or Kaylin at