Ramadaan Kareem

Dearest Patrons of Artscape

Good Day / Assalaamu Aleikum

Ramadaan Kareem to all our Muslim patrons and their families. 

The Blessed month of Ramadaan has arrived. It is a gift that must be treasured. 

Ramadaan is more than just abstaining from food and drink from before sunrise to after sunset.

Ramadaan is a spiritual time that teaches us to share and care, especially for the needy within our communities.

May you and your family sit around the Boeka Table with love and contentment. 

May this Ramadaan be filled with the Mercy and Forgiveness of Allah.

During this Ramadaan, may you reach your goals that you have set out to achieve, so that you can continue your purpose with dignity and kindness.

Ramadaan Kareem from all of us at Artscape.

Marlene Le Roux