Festive Message from CEO

To all our Patrons

The power of the arts one which connects cultures, builds nations and uplifts the human spirit.

Amandla obugcisa adibanisa incubeko ezahlukeneyo, akha izizwe kwaye aphakamisa umoya womntu.

Die kunste se mag is dat dit kulture verbind, nasies bou en die menslike gees ophef.

Dīi ǁkhasib dī |gaib ge ǁnāb dīi ǁkhasiba ra !gaiǁae, !haode omkhâi tsî khoesi ǂgaoba ra ūkhaiba. (Nama)

May the sweetness of Christmas Carols, merriment of festivities and love of your family make this season a happy time for you.

May we reflect on the positive elements that have emanated from the crises we had faced as it witnessed people of all cultures, creeds and races bind together to fight for the survival of humanity.  An ethos so akin to the African culture of the spirit of Ubuntu – I am because you are

May we as a nation, and global community continue our humanity in the spirit of the season as we celebrate Christmas, Kwanza and Hanukah and may it be joyous.

While Artscape will close its facilities over the days of 27 December to 5 January we will continue to bring you a host of entertainment to watch online on our YouTube channel. Follow our social media platforms for the latest updates on the social media handle @artscapetheatre as well as our hashtag #ArtscapeTheatre.

May the enchantment of the season bring you joy serenity and love throughout the coming year.


Marlene le Roux