Artscape partners with Barefeet Theatre and the European partner, Samba Résille to send Youth to Zambia

To foster the strategy for inclusion and diversity at Artscape, youth from South Africa have been sent to Zambia to participate in a culture exchange together with the Barefeet Theatre and the European partner, Samba Résille.

Samba Résille, in partnership with Barefeet Theatre (Zambia) and Artscape, coordinates a programme of learning mobilities and cooperative activities, with the following goals:

– improving the cooperative skills at the international level and the quality of the socio-educational tools of all stakeholders;– strengthening creative and innovative skills of all participants;– working on the internationalization and the leadership of the partners to make their youth actions take into account all the stakes linked to the cultural construction of youth and the young construction of culture.

This programme plans 40 days of strengthening skills activities and 30 days of mobility for youth and social workers, and benefit to 126 persons, including 90 youth stake-holders. Among them, 72 youth workers with less opportunities will be particularly supported. Thanks to the Erasmus + programme, they will live an never dreamed experience.

The project will kick start in Lusaka, Zambia – Barefeet Theatre from the 25th March to the 3rd April 2022.

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