What’s on at Artscape in February 2022

February at Artscape kicks off with a range of productions that will surely turn up the heat even further!

First up we have Love! Valour! Compassion! which tells the story of eight men who confront their lives, loves and friendships over the three successive holiday weekends, at a farmhouse in Duchess County, New York.

In A Streetcar Named Desire, Abrahamse and Meyer Productions bring a radical, revisionist twist to this iconic, Pulitzer Prize-winning play in a searing new production that is bound to turn up the heat in this already scorching play.

One Arm returns to the Artscape Arena as Abrahamse & Meyer’s critically acclaimed stage adaption of Tennessee Williams’ haunting short-story. In this “dark poem whose theme is the prevalence of mutilations among us all” Williams endows a tragic character of mythic proportion with a metaphor that often surfaces in his work.

Valentine Boogie is a musical/comedy romp down memory lane to the Motown Era, the disco floors and the power ballads that typified the 70’s & 80’s. A local live band, dynamic local singers and dancers, add a touch of local comedy, and the perfect evening out is served.

Krotoa: Eva van de Kaap returns at the Artscape Arena after its December postponement! This production is very relevant in contemporary South Africa. It brings to the stage a neglected and contested aspect of shared history in a way that is innovative.

Looking forward to seeing you at Artscape in February for these exciting productions!