The Fancy Galada Band

The Fancy Galada Band is the embodiment of true South African entertainment!  The band is made up of five very talented musicians and features Greg Schoeman on guitar and vocals, Yeye Smous on Keyboards, Vuyo Mrhawu on drums and vocals, Bongani Nikelo on bass and vocals and Fancy Galada on vocals, percussion and all round vibe.

With a repertoire representing a cross section of African, South African, Pop and Rock music they are a culture crossing, highly entertaining band with an energy that is infectious.

Little Giants

The Little Giants was established in 1999 by local jazz icons, Ezra Ngcukana and George Werner, at the request of the organisers of the annual Jazzathon festival. They needed a township youth band to perform South African standards at their 2000 event. The performance was received with such great response from the audience that it was decided to continue with the project.

This group’s repertoire of African standards, jazz standards, fusion and original material has wowed the crowds wherever they have played. The combination of traditional rhythms and a solid brass section has provided this group with a biggish band sound that is not often found in community projects of this nature.

Jongie and Sihlanu

Jongie and Sihlanu’s musical career began at a tender age while they were still at primary school. Although they were attending different schools their musical engagements took a similar path including performances of songs at school assembly as well as headlining the respective school choirs. They have always been bubbly boys who were always admired in the community for their musical talent. 

In 2005 Jongie collaborated with Sihlanu and released an album that essentially put  them on the map. The first album titled Sikelela Jesu. The duo continued and released four more albums together Makabongwe, Uhamba nathi, Sibulela wena Thixo and Impilo Yevangeli. 

They are often referred to as “AMAWELE ENKANI” as they often wear matching or similar outfits when performing.

Sabu and Matimba

After 17 years of recording, performing and touring the world, Matimba frontman, Sabu Jiyana, has made it his personal mission to take his audience on a journey through the African continent through a sound he has coined “The Pan-African Sound” Jiyana describes it simply as “ The true display of what African leadership should look like in the 21st century”

Sabu started the ensemble in 2017 after he had just completed his postgraduate studies at the University of Cape Town. Matimba has an eclectic sound, influenced by old African practices, modern African practices, old folk songs, and church songs. His repertoire is coloured with the culture of a very different 21st century Africa influenced by the current affairs and the tribulations faced these days by the beloved continent and indeed the world at large. Matimba uses instruments such as the mbira (Zimbabwe) , Nyungue nyungue (Mozambique), Akadinda (Uganda) ,uHadi (South Africa) , and the talking drum (West Africa) among others. All this is accompanied by bass guitar, piano and the western drum kit. Their brand of musicality accommodates both young and old, with each performance serving as a refresher course of sorts on these long-forgotten instruments and their uses and origins.