Every year on Nelson Mandela International Day, we embrace Madiba’s values and honour his legacy through humanitarian acts and initiatives that acknowledge his never ending quest to change the world for the better.

This year Artscape partnered with the Honorary Consul of Mauritius in the Western Cape, Mr Muktar Joonas, who bought 20,000 cookies from the Khayelitsha Cookie Factory for distribution to frontline workers, orphanages and shelters. He donated 5000 of those specifically to Artscape to offer this delicacy to NGOs that the cultural institution engages with.

Khayelitsha Cookie Factory is 60 % black owed while 100% of employees and management are Women. 30% of the company is owned by its workers. . It stared closure in the face (due to lockdown) due to 70% of its business being in the hospitality industry.

Said Joonas:  “I have committed to assist Khayelitsha Cookies with financial sustainability during COVID19 and also a growth strategy to export (to Mauritius) for the future. We need to ensure that those amazing women initiative survive and grows and is replicated in other sectors too. This will be one of my 2020/21 commitments.”

“In these difficult times we have to step up and help others to stay afloat”, he added.

Artscape CEO Marlene le Roux enthused: “This is indeed an act of kindness to support especially women to sustain their families.  This gesture absolutely lends itself to the spirit of what Nelson Mandela International Day is all about.  It will indeed lighten the hearts of all the recipients as they dig into a luxury which often they cannot afford, especially through this trying time of COVID-19.”

One of the beneficiaries was the Shackbuilder’s Food Relief Programme. Its psychologist, Quinton Adams, heaped gratitude: “We really appreciate (this) generous contribution and that we could partner with (the honoray consul and Artscape) to address the challenge of hunger and starvation in our communities.”

Other beneficiaries were:

Springfield Community of District Six, Women Unite Entertainment & Projects, KASI RC / Theatre4Change Arts Project, Kirvan Fortuin Fondation, Sweet Blessings & New Life Ministries Soup Kitchen, Jabaar Mohamed to distribute to members of the hearing impaired community, Molo Songololo, Community Chest and Phakamafrika.

Cookies were also distributed to employees of Artscape’s outsourced Afri-Guard Security and Supercare Cleaning Services as well as Artscape ad hoc crew who are currently unemployed.

This year the Nelson Mandela Foundation has called on all those who engage in this international day to place a special focus on Food & Nutrition (as well as Education and Sanitation) towards eradicating hunger and food insecurity. This partnership ties into that ethos.

While in previous years Artscape partnered with Fine Music Radio (FMR) in support of the Peninsula School Feeding scheme, due to Covid-19 social distancing needs this event was unable to take place.  However FMR offered kind assistance with publicity of the initiate with Joonas.