Internship Training Opportunity at Artscape

Educape Trust in partnership with Artscape Theatre Centre and made possible by The Learning Trust is very excited to announce that after many months of planning, we will be launching a Technical Training Programme. This programme will be hosted at the Artscape Theatre Centre and draw on this institutions’ already successfully developed course. This programme will be run as a workplace Integrated Learning Internship.

The ideal candidate will be someone who is passionate about the arts, who loves information, discussion, practical learning. Someone who is a team player and ready to get their hands dirty in a magical creative space.


Training Content:

Each internship assignment to Stage Management, Theatre Sound, Theatre Lighting and Wardrobe is to include teaching, training and mentoring in the particular skill set requirements of the associated technical department.


Training Modules

  • Health and Safety on the Theatre Stage.
  • Basic First Aid.
  • History of Theatre Technology.
  • Theatre Terminology.
  • Stage Lighting Theory.
  • Stage Sound Theory.
  • Stage and  Production Management Theory.
  • Stage Revolves, Lifts, Flies and Automation Theory.
  • Stage Lighting Practical.
  • Stage Sound Practical.
  • Assistant Stage Management and  Stage Management Practical.
  • Stage Revolves, Lifts and  Flies Practical.
  • Wardrobe Practical
  • Project Management, Theory and practical.


Interns will work alongside industry professionals and mentors to provide training and practical experience towards a career in the technical aspects of theatre.


Facilitators and Mentors:

  • Alfred Rietmann: 40 years of theatre stage experience in Lighting, Sound, Production Management, Venue Management, Stage Design, Costume Design, International Touring and Technical Training.
  • Faheem Bardien: Head Of Department of Lighting at Artscape, International Touring Productions, award-winning Lighting Designer and Training Facilitator.
  • Liam Cooksen: Head Of Department of Sound at Artscape, National and International Touring, Sound Design, Studio and Training Facilitator.
  • Jerome Chapman: Senior Stage Manager at Artscape, National and International Touring, Company Manager and Venue Manager.
  • Rochelle de Villiers: Senior Props Supervisor, Manager of the Artscape Props Store, Assistant Stage Manager, Props and Jewellery maker.
  • Yusuf Abrahams: General Manager Stage Services at Artscape, Production Manager, Venue Manager, Festival Technical Co-ordinator.
  • Blythe Stuart Linger: Theatre and film producer/line producer, company Production Manager, Arts Administrator, Contract Facilitator, Owner of BSL Management (PTY) LTD. and Managing Director of Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa.


Application Criteria 

  1. A Senior Certificate or equivalent (school leavers who have left school at grade 9 are also permitted to apply)
  2. Candidates should be articulate in two of the three official languages of the Western Cape (i.e. English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa)
  3. Have a keen interest in theatre and its technical operations.
  4. Between the ages of 18 and 26.
  5. Live in the Western Cape, no further than 30km’s from the Artscape Theatre Centre
  6. Short-listed candidates will undergo panel interviews to be held at the Artscape Theatre Centre.

Interested individuals must submit the completed online application form together with a letter of recommendation from a community leader (teacher, mentor, coach etc.), a certified copy of ID and the latest supporting educational certificate.


The purpose of these internships is to

  • provide Workplace Integrated Learning (WIL) through teaching and skills transfer
  • provide job experience alongside industry professionals to qualifying practitioners
  • Applicants must be available as per the training timeline information below.


Time Lines:

  • Applications open on Friday 14th January 2022.
  • Interviews will be conducted after the selection of 15 possible candidates on 24th and 25th January 2022 (Interviews at Artscape in ATTA Classroom, Ground Floor, Theatre Wing)
  • Final selection by 31st January 2022.
  • Training will run from the 7th February 2022 to the Week of 5th September 2022.
  • 3 days or 6 Sessions (4 hours) per week.
  • Schedules and days will be sent out 14 days in advance.
  • Days and Times scheduled will be dictated by Artscape activities and productions as well as trainee’s collective availability.



The Internship Programme me will be presented as a structured Workplace Integrated Learning Programme me (WIL) where interns are mentored in the assigned technical department.

Interns with no prior experience or training will complete teaching and training in Stage Management, Stage Sound and Stage Lighting.

Interns with prior technical training can be allocated to the specific technical assignment; e.g. Lighting, Sound or Stage Management.

Internship assignment to Wardrobe requires prior training which speaks to the technical requirements of the specific department.

At The end of the 8 months, the Interns need to present a Theatre Production Proposal with budgets, staff allocation, timelines and all relevant Project information. They would also be required to take back and create a project within their community that is Arts related.



The assessment of interns will be structured and continuous. Individual internship assignments are to be assessed through

  • Monthly assignment reports completed by interns
  • Monthly reports completed by mentors and assessors
  • Practical assessments of the associated skill set required in each Technical Field


Provided to successful applicants monthly for eight months:


  • Stationary
  • Uniform
  • Transport contribution
  • Meal contribution
  • Data contribution

Interested individuals must submit the completed online application form together with a letter of recommendation from a community leader (teacher, mentor, coach etc.), a certified copy of ID and the latest supporting educational certificate.