Artscape Theatre Centre is excited to welcome the German Federal President’s Cultural delegation to the world-class theatre tomorrow, 20 November 2018.

The visit forms part of a special by-delegation in fostering relationships between the two nations. The state visit  to Cape Town will be the first official visit by a German president to South Africa in over 20 years, by the then Federal President, Roman Herzog.

Media interested in covering this event, are welcome to present themselves at Artscape at 09h30, while broadcast media should arrive at 09h15 for set up, in time for the delegation’s arrival at 09h50.

The objectives of the visit will showcase Artscape‘s national leading role as a platform for the performing arts; to illustrate Artscape’s intense current exchanges with Europe, and to inform the visitors on the specific social and inclusive dimension of Artscape’s work, creating for underprivileged youth both an access to performing arts, and opportunities in skills development within the Arts.

Germany’s support of South Africa’s domestic objectives, such as fostering economic growth, overcoming poverty and social imbalances, increasing the skills base and cultural exchange is seen as important factors in strengthening relationships between the two nations.

Artscape is committed to be a pioneer of growth and transformation for the performing arts, using tools which contribute to build the country, and establishes partnerships in fostering these ideals. Today, Artscape is one of the biggest spaces in Africa dedicated to  the development of performing arts. The organisation uses an innovative programme of education and training, offering opportunities of careers for young artists and art technicians in all communities of South Africa. Artscape promotes inclusive programmes of artistic education and development, which lead to positive changes in the creation of a rich cultural and artistic community for generations to come. Artscape is proud to be a benchmark on this international visit, advocating diversity, inclusivity and accessibility to the arts.