Artscape will soon be abuzz with the cacophony of sound as the French cultural project takes wings jetting into Artscape introducing a kaleidoscope of artists from both local and abroad as they mélange in an ongoing cultural exchange project aptly entitled MusicPreneur. 

“At the service of artists’, MusicPreneur is coordinated by the Toulouse association Samba Résille, from Toulouse, France. The project commenced in June 2022 and has had activations in Brussels, Belgium; Gothenburg, Sweden and this year in Cape Town, South Africa with Artscape from November 13–19.

It brings together four partners viz., Samba Résille (associative school of Samba and Brazilian music), the Swedish Samba school A Bunda, the Brussels production house MetX—Moving Music, and the South African theatre Artscape led by Marlene Le Roux.

MusicPreneur responds to the request of the cultural actors (artists and operators) participating to find the path of cultural entrepreneurship after the health crisis by relearning to organise, adapt, empower, socialise, and communicate through the exchange, cooperation, and sharing of knowledge and practices between different structures and countries.

The workshops and excursions will culminate in a “Free to Patrons” Lunch Time Concert on Thursday 16 November at 13:00 preceded by a media launch at 12:00 that will see these talented individuals and groups combine dynamism and energy emanating from the fusion of their unique styles and backgrounds.  They promise to captivate the audience and create a truly unforgettable experience. Additionally, their collaboration with local artist Blacqpearl (Janine Van Rooy-Overmeyer), Bongani Shotshondoda, Charne Hugo, Jodi Fredericks, Nobuhle Ashanti, bassists Charlton Daniels, Mzi Nodlayia, and DJ Eazy, as well as dancers Marlin Zoutman and Yaseen Manuel, with technical support by Callum McDonall will result in a seamless fusion of music and dance that celebrates cultural exchange and artistic expression.

The international artists will include Elaine Lopes and Mathieu Cayla from Brazil, Israel Alonso Arbesu from Mexico, and Lucia Merzenich Pires from Portugal. Joining them is the dynamic Samba and Afro-Brazilian dance group Abunda from Gothenburg, Sweden, who will bring their energy and excitement to the performance.

This project forms part of Artscape’s  longstanding international cultural exchange projects in particular with French  the partner the organisation Samba Resillé from Toulouse, France who has since 2018 been part of the European Union funded Erasmus+ programme. Samba Resillé engaged in projects with Artscape and other country specific arts organisations that included “Dream up! Drum up! “, “Cultural Construction of Youth and the Juvenile Construction of Culture” and “Celebrating Cultural Diversity in Urban Space”, as well as the current project, “MusicPreneur”.

The project fits the Erasmus + strategy for inclusion and diversity and seeks to explore the best practices that lead young people to live new educational and fulfilling experiences, allowing them to build themselves as adults and help them strengthen their social and professional skills.

Artscape remains thankful for the support of Samba Resillé, MET X, and Abunda, who have been instrumental in helping us bring this project and production to life.