Artists are so important to remind us of our vulnerability as human beings. Art is the conscience of civil society and when a nation does not prioritize artists as its heartbeat one loses one’s sense of morality. South Africa has a huge task ahead, post COVID, to re-ignite the passion and the livelihoods of artists.

Artscape is an institution that enables artists, producers and visual artists to practice and hone their talents and their profession. Artscape, together with its partnerships, is at the forefront of conversations and of reflections on what this country’s progressive Constitution stands for.

We engender projects and productions that speak to our respective national days as well as programmes geared towards the Youth while promoting inclusivity of all with a special focus on persons with disabilities. Thus we aim to bring to the fore what was once hidden, forbidden or side-lined. Projects, festivals and productions such as the  Artscape Women and Humanity Festival, Heritage Festival, the Youth Jazz and Youth Classical music concerts respectively, Setwork productions in all three Western Cape Province officially languages, the  ArtsAbility Festival, focused national day events including exhibitions as well as our Rural Outreach project speak clearly to these aims.

We remain honoured to be supported by all three tiers of government, namely The City of Cape Town, The Western Cape Provincial Government as well as our custodian, the Department of Sport and Culture (DSAC) while within those tiers we value the support of departments such as the Western Cape Education department that partners with projects such as the Schools Arts and High School Drama Festivals respectively. 

We look forward to seeing you all at the “theatre of choice” in 2023 as we continue our journey to become a home for all. We remain proud to host an extensive mix of genres from ballet, opera, classical and indigenous music, drama and musicals and contemporary dance, among others, all playing to capacity houses.

The Festive season has begun, and Artscape’s line-up of events is nothing short of astounding (visit our website for all the exciting shows).

Artscape remains conscious of, and humbled by, the fact that your support is what keeps us, artists and the Arts alive.

We wish everyone a great festive season and happy holidays. And once again: form the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU!

Marlene le Roux: CEO