Crossbones Trombones: Bridging Cultures Through Music in Cape Town

On 23 March 2024, Artscape Theatre Centre in Cape Town plays host to a blend of cultural exchange and musical prowess with the arrival of Crossbones Trombones. This acclaimed professional trombone ensemble consisting of young musicians from Flanders, Belgium, is set to charm with their refreshing sounds and contagious energy on stage.

Crossbones Trombones is bringing their expertise to the Artscape Theatre Centre during a two-day stop in Cape Town. On Friday 22 March, they will host an interactive workshop in which they will convey their passion to music to children and young people from Cape Town and surrounding areas. On Saturday 23March, at 5.30 pm until 6.45pm, the ensemble will perform on stage with the young musicians and with South African trombonist Karen Hess.

The event is organised by the Consulate General of Belgium in Cape Town and the Delegation of Flanders in Southern Africa, in collaboration with Artscape Theatre Centre, on the occasion of the Belgian presidency of the Council of the European Union, that runs from January till June  2024.  

The objective for the workshop and concert is deeply rooted in the vision upheld by the European Union and the fundamental workings of the diplomatic posts in South Africa: connecting people whilst fostering meaningful dialogue and collaboration between individuals and communities across borders.

By intertwining their devotion to music and the trombone with collaboration and exchange wherever they perform, Crossbones Trombones embodies this spirit. The event is more than a one-off performance. It is an inspiring educational exchange that not only entertains, but also nurtures and builds the future of music appreciation and talent.

Background info on Crossbones

Crossbones Trombones is a group of five trombone players who came together driven by their shared love of music and a desire to spread positivity and joy through their performances. Beyond just being an ensemble, Crossbones Trombones functions as a tight-knit community that aims to forge connections through music that transcend linguistic and cultural barriers. In addition to their roles as musicians in the ensemble, all members are also involved in multiple orchestras and provide music instruction to students of varying skill levels. The group has performed on stages worldwide, in countries such as Canada, the US, Germany, Greece, Estonia, Dubai, Japan, and South Korea. Website: Crossbones Trombones