Come and celebrate “unity in diversity” at Artscape this September

Artscape’s Heritage Festival celebrates our diverse cultures and identities through indigenous, contemporary and international artistic works in dance, music and jazz. This year will be no exception as we present this fesitval, albeit a short one, via our virtual platforms.

The flagship festival emphasizes the need for South Africans to celebrate unity in diversity, through promoting social cohesion and inclusivity of our unique, colourful cultural heritage. The festival provides residents of Cape Town, itself a melting pot of divergent cultures, the Western Cape as well as South Africans at large with a platform to encourage dialogue about their values, aspirations and visions as we work together towards a united, inclusive and dignified South Africa.

The festival kicks off with the Dance can Dance (10 to 11 Sept) production inspired by celebrated choreographer Elvis Sibeko’s album Dance Can Dance The Spirit of Enchantment. It is aimed at reviving the spirit of Arts through the infusion of indigenous dance and music experience by introducing the greatest world of indigenous stories told through cinematic orchestra music together with the Afro Fusion dance style. The production is scheduled for the Opera House in early September.

The Kingdom of Ubuntu (24 to 25 Sept) follows in the Theatre . First staged as a musical concert in 2019 at Artscape to pilot the idea towards a full-scale musical , the production returns as a full musical theatre spectacular celebrating the heritage and diversity of South Africa through music, dance, poetry, drama, storytelling, and African fashion. Additionally, it proffers the audience a glimpse into the future of a South Africa that is free from the obstacles and boundaries of the current. It to is written by Elvis Sibeko. This production is made possible by the City of Cape Town.

My Word! Redesigning Buckingham Palace is a celebration of the life and work of legendary writer Richard Rive. But at the same time it’s a salute to District Six, the heart of Cape Town ripped out because it stood in the way of grand apartheid fantasies.

This riveting performance shows us how important it is to reflect on the contested wasteland at the foot of Table Mountain and to put District Six centre stage where it belongs. And it is all done with humour and style. The production is a one man show with Basil Apollis in the lead and is directed by Sandra Temming.

The Production is scheduled for the Arena from Monday 13th Sept – Saturday 25th Sept 2021 (Performance date still to be confirmed)

The Artscape Heritage Festival is proudly partnered and supported by the City of Cape Town and the Department Sport Arts and Culture.