Birthday Message from Marlene Le Roux to Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Dear Arch

We did not think that we would celebrate this milestone birthday of 90 years but God had other plans.

Where do I even find the words to begin to thank you for the invaluable contribution you have made to our country and its people in your lifetime.

Peacemaker coupled with your continued belief in the goodness of mankind with a willingness to trust each other has carved out a legacy for you which will most certainly be remembered for many decades to come.

Your wisdom and belief in Ubuntu in which we learn that we are a village or name it a community intertwined and connecting the one to the whole was an important message.

I have witnessed over the years how deeply you care about your fellow citizens and your concern for fairness for all citizens of South Africa.

Marlene and the Arch @ The Kunstetreffers: Concert of Hope at the Artscape Opera House on Freedom Day in 2017. Picture Jeffrey Abrahams

I remember the Girl’s not Brides campaign and LGBTIQA+ rights including the importance of the environment meant that nothing was excluded in forming a whole society.

Your stand was not to be popular but to be righteous and you would go as far as to say that God was not a Christian offending maybe some but making sure that people would understand that God was not an unjust God and that if anyone understood this they would make sense of your statement.

Your spirit remains steadfast and I wish you the happiest Birthday today with God’s continued blessings bestowed on your life.

Marlene Le Roux