Dear Patrons/Stakeholders

Artscape theatre will remain the ‘theatre of choice’ to experience the sound of music, the moves of dance, the words of drama and a host of exciting productions for you to enjoy.

Meanwhile, as the theatre stage curtain remains drawn for now, due to the extension of lockdown adjusted level four restrictions announced by President Ramaphosa on Sunday evening, that prohibits gatherings, including arts and cultural, those who seek some artistic enjoyment can continue to delight in the Artscape building 50th year celebratory concert on our YouTube channel as well as other reminiscence in other enigmatic productions. Those seeking great nostalgia moments could take a trip down memory lane and delight in the 50-year costume exhibition celebrating the building’s Golden Jubilee as well.

To those who may not have enquired about tickets they may have purchased for postponed or cancelled productions during the month of July, do call Artscape dial-a-seat on 021 421 7695 for a refund or Computicket, or you may consider it as a possible donation to the artists – one of several professions that have been one of the hardest hit during these months of protracted lockdown.

Those productions include:

New World Dance Theatre’s Messiah, choreographed by South African, Marlin Zoutman. A contemporary dance work that investigates the human pursuit of a higher force, needing to have faith in something greater.

Memory is a Weapon – a story that follows the journey of three young artists, trapped in what feels like a vibratory prison of the Cape Flats.

Our House – a touching tale of life and love, heartbreak and comedy, right and wrong,
featuring non-stop classic hits from the 80’s.

The 8th South African International Ballet Competition (SAIBC), the largest Ballet Competition in Africa – a hybrid event, where competitors would be live on stage as well as online. With 15 international judges and three South African judges.

However while the SAIBC has been postponed to October 2021, the two panel discussions with South African and International dancers and experts will be going ahead this month as scheduled, on 20 and 22 July at 16h00 SAST. Links to the discussion to be provided in a subsequent post. The competition already has 140 participants from across the globe and to accommodate the date change, SAIBC Founder and CEO Dirk Badenhorst will be accepting entries (including video submissions), up to 30 July 2021.

When the curtain goes up again as soon as it’s permissible do so, be assured that your well-being and safety will remain a priority while we are still facing the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic. We remain cognisant of the pandemic’s effects on all of us in one way or another. To those who have lost loved ones, colleagues or friends and to those who are recovering from the virus, we wish you strength and light.

As Artscape employees work behind the scenes to prepare for the opening of its doors again, we invite you to keep your eyes peeled on our social media posts as well as our website for forthcoming shows, events or further updated announcements.

Artscape: your theatre of choice.

And we do hope that Artscape would still remain your ‘theatre of choice’.