Every year Artscape identifies a historically disadvantaged community either within the urban boundaries or rural areas for its annual Outreach Programme. This year Artscape has identified Hawston to be treated to the bells ‘n whistles, ins and outs and the plethora of artists. This year’s showcase, taking place on October 18 at the Hawston Primary School, includes a variety of artists in various genres from Classical Western, to African indigenous, as well as well-known personalities. Inclusive to the programme is a career exhibition for learners to create an awareness of career opportunities within the entertainment industry. Artscape’s technical team also participates, explaining the mechanics of the staging, sound and lighting equipment typically used in a theatre.

The yearly rural outreach programme cannot happen without essential partnerships like the local organisation Hawston’s Overstrand Association for Persons with Disabilities.  Additional partners include Die Stigting vir die Bemagtiging deur Afrikaans (SBA) who will inveigle the interest in reading by distributing the book “Robbie die Rowe Rot”, to learners. The book is in the languages of Afrikaans and isiXhosa

Artscape CEO, Marlene le Roux cannot contain her excitement with this project, saying: “I know I shouldn’t have favourites or pet projects, but this one is really close to my heart and completely in-line with where Artscape is heading with its vision to empower youth from outlying communities. To see their faces light up and to hear the uproarious applause – often brighter and louder than the lights and the sound systems that we take along, is absolute magic. Very little comes close to that joy and that reward. But, more importantly, it is vital to remember that when the name “Artscape” is mentioned, we are not just referring to a building: it is about how we enhance social cohesion, dialogue with communities and how we best utilise the arts as a vehicle for inclusivity of all communities, irrespective of language, religion, race or gender.”

The artists that will take part in this year’s programme are:

  • Zinzi Nogavu – African Traditional music and singer
  • Zanne Stapelberg de Lange – Opera Singer
  • Dizu Plaatjies – Indigenous music
  • Craig Lucas – Singer (SA Voice winner)
  • Dance for All
  • Jazzart Dance Theatre
  • Cape Town Opera
  • Unmute Dance Company – Contemporary dance
  • Zip Zap Circus
  • Cape Philharmonic Orchestra – Classical music

The performance schedule on October 18, is as follows:

10am to 11am: Primary School Performance (free for primary school learners); 12 noon to 1pm: High School Performance (free for high school learners) with a gala event at 7.30pm. It all happens at the Hawston Primary School. Tickets for the Gala Event will be on sale from October 1 at R100 each. Tickets will be available at Hermanus Tourism at the Old Station Building or call Frieda Lloyd on 028 313 5022 or mail her on