Artscape celebrates world renowned Dizu Plaatjies

Artscape Theatre Centre celebrated the achievements of its first ever Artist-in-residence programme, the indigenous ensemble through the work of world renowned musician, Dizu Plaatjies with a certification ceremony that was held on the 11th December 2017 at Artscape.

The two-time South African Music Awards winner hosted a series of indigenous ensemble workshops from March till August through the Artscape Resource Centre which culminated in a concert “Road Trip with Dizu Plaatjies” which was preceded by township based free entry celebrations showcasing the cross-cultural dance genres at Guga S’thebe New Theatre in Langa and at Zolani Centre Theatre in September as part of Artscape’s Heritage Festival.

The year-long investment by Artscape will ensure that the recipients from various communities across the Western Cape province return to their communities with accredited certificates that add value to their educational records and to create sustainable programmes with greater impact.

The Indigenous workshops covered included introduction to indigenous music, improvisation, indigenous instrument making and indigenous instrument playing lessons.