Artscape celebrates 30 years of Democracy and diversity with SboNdaba Dance’s

! ke e: /xarra //ke, Diverse People Unit

 It is with great pleasure that Artscape announces its collaboration with the event ! ke e: /xarra //ke, Diverse People Unite, the South African motto, central to the theme of a production which celebrates Africa Month and 30 years of Democracy. 

The production reflects on how far we have come as a nation and encourages South Africans to see the incredible depth of our diversity, and the power we can give to a vision, if we harness our individual strengths and work together with a common purpose. It will also shine a light on what is still to be done to ensure the vision remains solid and the values, as represented on the shield, continue to be upheld. 

Directed by Artistic Director, Sbonakaliso Ndaba, the cast includes SboNdaba dancers together with highly acclaimed guest dancers from other arts organisations. It also includes the well-known singer Vicky Sampson and African Indigenous Musicians encouraging creative partnerships and resulting in a production with a powerful joint vision.

Ndaba says: “ There’s a reason why we are different. This production will enhance the power of our diversity through Songs, African Contemporary Dance and Storytelling, with the backing of local musicians and the beautiful sounds of indigenous instruments. As South African artists we must unite, take pride in our uniqueness, inspire one another and believe in the magic of our dreams.”  

Says Marlene le Roux, CEO of Artscape: “Development of different voices and the celebration of diversity are two key elements of Artscape’s vision. This production reflects all that is triumphant in this field. Giving a platform and a voice to parts of our 30-year Democracy history that hitherto have been dormant is vital to continue to grow who we are as South Africans and Africans. This is the kind of production that does precisely that.”

The production furthermore highlights that racism, tribalism, xenophobia and corruption are the result of competing for power and riches. Instead of competing, the production points out the benefits of working together to harness the resources available in our country.

The pronunciation of the name of the event,”! ke e: /xarra //ke, Diverse People Unite” will draw people’s attention to the rich colourful language of the first inhabitants of the area, at a time when the language is fading from use. During the process of creation, the creative group will reflect on the symbols and values of the South African Coat of Arms, symbols that were chosen to represent all South Africans. – It’s Time for us all to learn to pronounce our motto correctly – ! ke e: /xarra //ke, Diverse People Unite

Dates and times: Please Note there are THREE Performances ONLY

Friday, 24 May at 19:00 and Saturday, 25 May at 15:00 and 19:00

Tickets are available from Webtickets at R150 each with concessions for seniors, students, children at R75 each and block bookings of ten or more at R50 each

See Artscape’s website for more. Call Artscape’s dial-a-seat on 021 421 7695 or use the Webtickets website Tickets are also available at Pick ‘n Pay stores.

This production has been sponsored by the Department of Sport Arts and Culture as part of the Mzansi Golden Economy (MGE) programme, celebrating 30 years of Democracy.