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Situated in the heart of the mother city, the Artscape Theatre Centre brings you the highest level of artistic excellence in all aspects of performing arts for more than four decades! All this success is attributed to the combination of world-class productions, high tech sets and locally made period and modern costumes which makes Artscape Theatre Centre stand out as an iconic cultural beacon in the Western Cape.

Artscape is strongly committed to being a vehicle for growth and transformation in performing arts in ways that advance nation building and establishing business partnerships involving all stakeholders.

Artscape Women Humanity Arts Festival2017

 With renewed public outcry about the high rates of femicide, it’s now more important than ever to address the issues facing South Africa’s most vulnerable.

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isiXhosa culture comes to life at Artsca...

Artscape Theatre Centre is gearing up to carve a road map to increase the use of isiXhosa language with the much-anticipated classic, Buzani Ku Bawo is currently on at Artscape until 29 July 2017 at the Artscape Theatre.

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Broadening audiences to disadvantaged areas
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Services offered to artists involved in the arts & culture
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Training and educating students
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