John Kani to finally grace the Artscape Theatre stage for the first time

John Kani, South African actor, director and playwright will be performing for the first time at the Artscape Theatre in May.

Kani, also known as the ‘Grandfather of South African Theatre’ is best known for his numerous contributions and performances in protest theatre during the apartheid years.

Speaking to CapeTalk’s Pippa Hudson, Kani says he had several invites to perform at Artscape around 1989- 1990 but turned them down because of its history and the nature of his work

As soon as Artscape got a new board led by Somadoda Fikeni, they started putting me under pressure by saying ‘now you have no excuse’.

— John Kani, South African actor, director and playwright


What really twisted my arm was the offer and the honour to do the John Kani season. During the days from the 5th of May I got the pleasure to do Nothing but the Truth and in the evening I’ll be doing Missing

— John Kani, South African actor, director and playwright

Pippa Hudson also spoke to award-winning actress, Susan Danford, who performs alongside Kani, playing the role of his wife in Missing

She says playing alongside John Kani has been an educational journey from the start.

Marlene le Roux, CEO of Artscape says having John Kani perform at Artscape will help to deconstruct the concrete walls built by apartheid and construct our South African identity.

Written by: Lengwadishang Ramphele