The following upgrades have been made to the Artscape Theatre Centre so that it caters for all patrons.  This is an ongoing process and as funding is received further upgrades will be made. 

Ramped access

  • Level or ramp access is available from various approaches of the building as follows:
    • from entrance no 1 on DF Malan Street to the Box office facilities.
    • Into the box office foyer (entrance 5) from the drop off zone and parking bays for physically challenged persons including wheelchair users, as well as persons pushing strollers, carts or other wheeled objects, located in the tunnel
    • Within the complex, we have ramped access for physically challenged persons to the performance venues including Opera and Theatre auditorium.

Automated entrance doors

  • All main entrance doors to the theatre, are automated sliding doors. Each entrance is manned with a security guard or front of house staff member.


  • Accessible toilets are available on all levels of the foyers including the Marble foyer, Chandelier foyer, Balcony foyer and Theatre foyers.
  • An accessible toilet with an automated door is located in the box office foyer.

Comfort Room

  • A comfort room with an accessible toilet is available in the box office foyer. This facility is kitted with comfortable furniture. Our front of house staff must be approached should patrons have a need to make use of this room.

Parking bays for physically challenged persons

  • The carpark located at the back of the theatre and which can be accessed from Jan Smuts Street, has 5 dedicated parking bays. These bays are opposite the stage door.
  • In addition, there are 4 parking bays available in the Tunnel which separates the Opera and Theatre wing of the building.
  • There is a drop and go zone available in the tunnel. Access to the tunnel entrance is from Hertzog Boulevard.
  • All parking bays must be booked in advance and will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Wheelchair Seating

  • Opera auditorium
    • There are 12 wheelchair spaces available in row Y of the auditorium. These seats must be booked in advance.
  • Theatre auditorium
    • Currently 2 wheelchair space available in row R


  • We have 6 wheelchairs available for physically challenged persons. Our Front of House staff will assist patrons in this respect.

Public lifts

  • Public lifts suitable for use, are available from the box office foyer located on the ground floor and serve all levels of the foyers.

Service Counters

  • All service counters including the counter at box office and bar counters can be used by persons in wheelchairs.