Other Areas

Artscape Foyers

The various foyers in the Artscape Theatre Centre offer versatile configuration for miscellaneous events. Whether it is a private party, a children’s theatre performance, a static exhibition, a meeting, a cocktail party, a banquet, a poetry reading or a dance, these invitingly open spaces reflect generosity and style. The colour schemes allow for easy implementation of theme specific decoration.

Foyers Size Banquet Style Cocktails
Marble (Opera) 450m2 250600
Chandelier (Opera) 727m2 2501000
Opera Bar 290m2 70250
Lower Theatre 275m2 60200
Upper Theatre298m275220

Artscape Function Rooms

There are two function rooms which make an ideal break away rooms; for small conferences, seminars or meetings; or for other types of private functions. Each is equipped with a private kitchen.

Function Rooms Size Seated Standing
iSibaya Room 70m2 24 (Boardroom) 60
VIP Room 30m2 12 (boardroom) 20
iSibaya Room
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VIP Room
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Artscape Rehearsal Rooms

There are two rehearsal rooms on the third floor of Opera House wing which are the same size as the Opera House stage. A third rehearsal room is

situated in the Theatre Wing. The Annexe is a temporary facility behind the Theatre wing and is used for training, rehearsals, and workshops.

Rehearsal Rooms Size  
Rehearsal Room 301424.13m2
Opera Wing 308 424.13m2
Rehearsal Room 551 261.12m2
Rehearsal Room 553 83m2


Staff: Situated at the rear of the building in Jan Smuts Drive.


The ± 11 000 m2 spacious tree filled garden is adjacent to the staff car park. Ideal for marquee tents, film shoots, outdoor concerts, etc.


The impressive 2 730m2 piazza at the front of the theatre centre is ideal for film or photo shoots and outdoor festivals.


Situated in the Epping industrial area, Artscape has a large (12 000m2) facility to manufacture sets, décor, props, and backdrops.