Technical Training

Artscape opens applications for 2015 Technical Internship and Technical Training Programme

Artscape Technical Training Academy will host Technical Internships in Stage Management, Stage Lighting, Stage Sound and Wardrobe.

The purpose of these internships is to;
(a) provide Workplace Integrated Learning (WIL) through teaching and skills transfer
(b) to provide job experience alongside industry professionals to qualifying practitioners.

The starting date for this Internship is 1 April 2015.

Application Criteria:

  • A senior certificate.
  • Candidates should be articulate in two of the three official languages of the Western Cape (English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa)
  • Have a keen interest in theatre and its technical operations.
  • Between the ages of 18 and 26.
  • Live in the Western Cape.

Interested candidates can apply for the 2015 course by completing the relevant application form. Click here to download the application form.

Forward the completed form together with a Curriculum Vitae and a covering letter that motivates the applicant's interest in theatre technical disciplines to Kobus Rossouw at

Closing date: 2 February 2015 (Short-listed candidates will undergo panel interviews)


The Internship Programme will be presented as a structured Workplace Integrated Learning Programme (WIL) where interns are mentored in the assigned technical department.

Interns with no prior experience or training will complete teaching and training in Stage Management, Stage Sound and Stage Lighting.

Interns with prior technical training can be allocated to specific technical assignment; e.g. Lighting, Sound or Stage Management.

Internship assignment to Wardrobe requires prior training which speaks to the technical requirements of the specific department.

Duration: One year.

An Internship Programme for students from institutions which require the student to complete internship placements prior to graduation.

Duration: Three months.


Each internship assignment to Stage Management, Theatre Sound, Theatre Lighting and Wardrobe is to include teaching, training and mentoring in the particular skill set requirements of the associated technical department.

1. Stage Management
Compiling and maintaining a Prompt Copy
Compiling and maintaining a Production file as record for archives
Reading of technical stage drawings and floor plans to scale
Marking out the rehearsal room floor and preparing for the rehearsals
Production property process and techniques
Production furniture process and techniques
Rehearsal room blocking techniques
Prompting technique
Cast and company liaisons and relations
Preparing for Stage rehearsals
Calling a show and cueing
Theatre Health and Safety Regulations and procedures
Front of House liaisons and audience relations
Post Production processes

2. Theatre Lighting
The Profile light; structure and functions
The Fresnel light; structure and functions
The Parcan light; structure and functions
The Flood light; structure and functions
Automated fixtures; structure and functions
Rigging procedures and techniques
Focus procedures and techniques
Colour filters
Lighting technique
Capturing / programming a lighting state
The lighting console; structure and functions
The Dimmers; Structure and functions
Theatre Health and Safety Regulations and procedures
Stage electrics and performance
The Follow Spot and Technique
Rig maintenance

3. Theatre Sound
The Microphone; different types, structure and functions
Playback systems; different types, structure and functions
Cabling and Connectors; different types and functions
The Sound Mixing Console; different types, structure and functions
The Amplifier; different types, structure and functions
Speakers; different types, structure and functions
Audio interface and functions
Venue acoustics
The Sound Check
Trouble Shooting technique

4. Wardrobe
The Costume Design Brief
The Research Process and Mood Boards
The Sourcing Process
Pattern Construction
Garment Construction
Presenting a Mock-up
The Trial Fit
Problem Solving
Working with Technical Drawings
The Second Fit
The Final Fit
The Hand Finishing of the Costume
The Completion of Wigs
The Completion of Headgear and Accessories


The assessment of interns will be structured and continuous. Individual internship assignments are to be assessed through
(a) Weekly assignment reports completed by interns,
(b) Quarterly reports completed by mentors and assessors
(c) Practical assessments of associated skill sets required in each Technical Field

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