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To place the Artscape Resource Centre at the centre of the artistic network and artistic community of the Western Cape while improving the overall arts administration skills of the industry through our training program and access to Arts Administration Readers Corner.


Making the physical space accessible, approachable and optimally functional.
Effective and efficient communication with our members on opportunities within the sector.
Host networking events to provide a platform for the artistic community to engage each other.
Contribute towards a much -needed pool of skilled arts administrators in South Africa through a training program.
A collection of books on arts administration to be used by our members
To keep abreast of and keep our members informed about developments that happen in this community and its supporting industries both locally and abroad

Services offered include:

Internet and PC facilities
Arts administration training
Information dissemination
Meeting room
Video and DVD viewing facilities

Calling Visual Artists for the Resource Center Exhibitions

Artscape offers you a platform to exhibit your visual art on the Artscape Resource Center’s walls.

Each exhibition stays for 3 months and gives you the opportunity to experience what goes into making work for an exhibition and putting up an exhibition.

3 more slots are going to be allocated by a panel of professional artists, according to the following:

  • The artist is an emerging artist and have never had a major exhibition in a major gallery
  • The artist is really in need of such exposure and he has not been a beneficiary of similar developmental initiatives.
  • The quality of the work shows potential
  • The Artist will produce the desired outcomes

If you want to show off your talents, drop your art work and a print biography at the Resource Center before 30 September 2010, 13h00

Let’s keep this space breathing!

Resource Centre Contact Info:
Phodiso Matloga
Resource Centre Operations Administrator
Tel: 021 410 9986
Fax: 086 571 2848

Broadening audiences to disadvantaged areas
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Training and educating students
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