The Plum Tree





In The Plum Tree, Jan Groenewald takes us on a harrowing journey through a childhood experience of sexual violation to victory and celebration.

Accepted for the Edinburgh art festival - the Edinburg Fringe Festival – this production is the only script originally produced in Afrikaans to be staged this year. As much a compliment to the original script as the translation by Clive Rodel, the production will run for two weeks in Edinburgh after its Cape Town debut.

Creating it into a theatrical experience, Jan Groenewald is story-teller, dramatist and actor in this solo performance.

As an old man in the face of imminent death, he is forced to confront what he has always evaded: memories that have been haunting him throughout his life in privacy and isolation.

Now sharing brings its own healing. 

As dramatist, Jan Groenewald recreates the world of a young boy who intertwines fantasy with reality to escape what he refuses to confront.

Told with warmth and humour, the text reaches far beyond the childhood experience of sexual violation. In the world of a young boy, it becomes a tense battle between good and evil, and a story of sweet revenge.

In a review South African writer and journalist Brenda Kali writes:  “Jan Groenewald’s  seasoned portrayal is both existentially necessary and discomforting, but it's well worth the discomfort of the subject as rape and brutality are all too prevalent in modern society.

“It takes tremendous strength to confront the demons of society. The Plum Tree is courageous.

“In Jan’s play, good prevails. The ultimate victory against the evil of child molestation is his.”


Original script in Afrikaans: Jan Groenewald

Translation: Clive Rodel

Theatre: Artscape, the Arena

Dates: 6, 7 and 8 July

Time: 20:15


Bookings: Computicket

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