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Artscape Celebrates 20 years of Democracy

Celebrating and acknowledging our democracy Artscape is presenting a programme of events leading up to Freedom Day on Sunday 27 April 2014.

Commencing on Thursday 24th April with an exhibition, ‘20 Years of Democracy: Photographers' Perspectives’ curated by Eric Miller who is one of the most widely published and experienced photojournalists working in South Africa. In the 1980s he documented the struggle against apartheid and since the 1990s has covered various aspects of the transformation process in South Africa.  


Artscape to prepare Cape learners for exams

Artscape presents the fourth consecutive season of the Grade 12 Afrikaans setwork play, VersKabaret directed by Alfred Rietmann. Cape Town Afrikaans learners are set to get an enormous boost from the return of the highly successful Grade 12 Afrikaans set-work play, VersKabaret to be held from 08 – 17 May 2014 at the Artscape Theatre.


 Artscape wins six nominations in Gauteng

The Artscape play, Rainbow Scars, has won six nominations in the Naledi Theatre Awards (NTA), Gauteng’s premier awards event.

Written by Artscape’s associated playwright, Mike van Graan, and directed by acclaimed director Lara Bye, Rainbow Scars, premiered last year at the Artscape Arena. It explores the complexities of relationships in post-Marikana South Africa.



Artscape hosts first SETA certification ceremony

Artscape recently hosted its first Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) certification ceremony.

Artscape celebrates 20 years of democracy with exciting youth programmes

In celebration of 20 years of democracy, Artscape’s artistic and education programmes for 2014 focus on the diversity of the nation, the richness of its multi-cultural heritage and the similarities South Africans share.

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