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Artscape is proud to present three South African drama works (Undone, Return of the Ancestors and Chomi), one from Botswana (Morwa – The Rising Son), as well as a dance production (Unmute) at the National Arts Festival, between 2 and 12 July.   These productions can be seen at the Gymnasium – a venue exclusively for Artscape.


During this time hundreds of young artists from various multicultural arts disciplines will have the opportunity to perform their stimulating and important works on the Artscape stages together with many well-known artists. The highlight of this month is the Youth Jazz Festival.  It celebrates its 13th year with nine soloist who successfully auditioned to be included in a mentorship programme. It culminates with the jazz festival on 19 June 2015 at 19.30 in the Artscape Theatre.

Kaapse Musiek in Colour 2 is back again following its success and popular demand. Get ready to enjoy and celebrate Cape Town's rich musical heritage at the Artscape Opera House from 8 - 13 June 2015 at 8pm from Monday to Saturday.

‘HemelBesem Die Afrikaansvatter’  and 'Break - two hip hop productions that kicks off the Youth Day celebrations at Artscape Theatre.

Theatregoers will be delighted to hear that the highly acclaimed John is back in Cape Town and can be seen at ArtscapeArena between 21 and 30 May. This production is written and performed by Andre Lombard and directed by Jeremeo le Cordeur. The cast includes Melissa Haiden. This play has been classified as 16SNL.


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