The Annual Artscape Theatre Centre’s education and training programme launch showcased the cultural institution’s projects that has as its objective the creation of avenues of accessibility for audiences – from the Youth to the historically disadvantaged – to the Arts as well as the creation of platforms for previously marginalised art forms.

While the comprehensive year-long arts education programme remains a conduit towards the contribution of nation-building, Artscape also recognizes the immense challenges facing the youth of today inclusive of socio-economic issues which through our programmes assist in resolving some of these challenges.

Inclusive of the youth projects, that has as its aim to expose learners to required curriculum based outcomes, are the annual set work productions hosted in collaboration with the Western Cape Department of Education.  Subject advisors and designated education department officials attended the launch. The set works are presented in all three official provincial languages.

Meanwhile the High School Drama Festival and Schools Arts Festival are just some of the projects aimed at further Youth development by creating access to a professional stage as well as an outlet for creativity.

Other projects to be showcased includes Youth-, Women’s- and Heritage month respective festivals as well as the promotion of formerly marginalised genres hosted on our stages in the form of the Jazz Masters Tribute.

Many of our developing artists who have participated to the youth orientated productions, such as the Jazz and Classical competitions, contained within the education and training programme, have excelled as professionals both locally and internationally including scooping major awards.